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Aqua Workout Classes

Come get your workout in with us, cool off, and have fun while doing it!

Aqua Fit

This class uses water dumbbells to exercise and strengthen your arms and body in the water set to music!

Mondays & Wednesdays AM 11:20-11:50


(June 3 -June 27 Closed June 19) 


(July 8-25)

Thursdays 5:15-5:45PM 


(June 3- June 20) 

(July 11, 18, 25)

Aqua Aerobics

Get ready to move and groove with our high-energy aqua dancing class! Set to music, this fast-paced workout will get your heart pumping and your body moving. Strengthen your muscles and feel the resistance of the water as you dance your way to fitness.


Tuesdays & Thursdays 11:30-12:15

 (June 3-27) (July 8-25)


Wednesdays 5:15-6:00 (June 5-26) (July 10-24)

Senior Aerobics

This is a low impact stretch and movement class that utilizes the resistance of the water.

Mondays & Wednesdays 11:55-12:40 

(June 3-26  Closed June 19)

(July 8-25)

Lap Swim

Lap swim provides an excellent opportunity for individuals to concentrate on their personal fitness goals through swimming as exercise. 

June 3-27   (**Facility is closed for Juneteenth on June 19)

July 8-26  

Tuesdays/ Thursdays/ Fridays


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