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Summer Camps

Summer Camp


Summer Camp is the perfect place for kids aged 5 and up to have some fun in sun! They'll get to swim, play games with friends both inside and outside, and let their creativity run wild with arts and crafts throughout the day. Come join us for an awesome summer!

June 3-14 (after summer school) Noon-5:00PM
South Fork Student Bus Transportation is available, bus leaves at 2:40
Parent Pickup anytime between 3:00-5:00PM

June 17- 28

$100 (district covers $75 for ELOP, parent covers $25 Registration

July 8-26


Jr. Lifeguard Camp

Our Jr. Lifeguard program is designed for intermediate to advanced swimmers, recommended for ages 7 and above. The program offers training in various swim strokes, basic CPR and first aid skills, lifeguard skills such as rescues, backboarding, and surveying the pool. We invite you to join us an enriching experience that will help you develop your swimming and lifeguarding abilities. Highly recommended for swimmers looking to improve their skills or for young adults interested in becoming a lifeguard!

June session June 3-21  9:00AM- 4:00PM


$150 (South Fork District Elop will cover $50 Parent is responsible for $100)

July session July 8-26  9:00AM-4:00PM


$150  (South Fork District Elop will cover $50 Parent is responsible for $100)

*1 week drop in available $60


Jr. Lifeguards

  • Leadership

  • Swim Lessons

  • CPR/First Aid skills

  • Lifeguard Skills

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